After I returned home from my backpacking trip last summer, I was inspired to take up running – and it wasn’t long before I was completely addicted to the thrill of pounding the pavements, and smashing my own personal bests!

Fast forward to now, and (although I’m still very much a beginner) it’s hard to believe how much I’ve progressed in such a short space of time.

In fact, it wasn’t so long ago that my battle with Lyme Disease left me wondering if I’d ever be able to walk again. Yet, here I am now gearing up to take on my first half marathon, next month!

Chrissy Faery

It’s exciting stuff, and right now my soul is sparkling with an overload of gratitude, joy..and sweat!

With longer and longer distances making their way onto my Runkeeper Go training plan though, I’ve been taking extra care to ensure that I’m staying well-nourished and hydrated.

For medium-to-high intensity exercise lasting more than an hour, water alone isn’t enough – so I’ve been busy experimenting with lots of different snacks and energy drinks (both homemade and commercially produced) to find the perfect fuel, to support me in my upcoming race!

Motion Nutrition Mid-Workout Hydration Review

One of the products that has really caught my eye, is this organic hydration blend from Motion Nutrition.

I’d never actually heard of this brand before, but when I saw that this product was 100% vegan, gluten-free, organic and free from any artificial additives, flavourings and fillers – I knew I had to give it a try!

This plant-based hydration powder offers a blend of electrolytes, minerals and carbohydrates, which come from a range of ingredients including coconut water, pomegranate powder, sea buckthorn, acai powder and cordyceps mushroom extract.

It is designed to provide sustained energy and hydration, that will lead to improved performance and endurance.

Motion Nutrition Mid-Workout Hydration Review

This hydration blend comes in a 320g resealable pouch and costs £34.99. A 20ml scoop is provided.

To make it up, you simply pop one scoop of the powder into a shaker with 500ml of cold water – then shake it for 20-30 seconds, until it dissolves and forms a peach-coloured liquid.

The flavour of this sports drink is hard to describe, but I can definitely detect an aftertaste of coconut, pomegranate and mushroom flavours coming through. It’s certainly more bland (and slightly salty) than sweet though, which is not what I was expecting!

I can’t really say that I particularly like the taste of it, but it isn’t horrible either – and what it lacks in flavour, it certainly makes up for in performance!

When I run for over an hour, I usually feel pretty fatigued. My legs become heavy and my muscles start to groan, as their glycogen stores run low.

When I sip on this organic hydration drink during my run though, I’ve found that I’m able to overcome this – and not only this, I actually have a renewed burst of energy as well!

For me, this makes a real difference to my speed and stamina, and I’m sure it’ll be especially helpful during my upcoming half marathon in Llanelli, in which I’ll be running for over 2.5 hours!

I would definitely recommend this product for its blend of natural ingredients, and the effect it has on performance, and I’m excited to see where it will take me in the future, as I continue to run and improve!

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