Giveaway: Win a Ladies Handmade Gemstone Bracelet!

I’m a big believer in the healing power of nature.

Whether it’s using natural therapies, eating a plant-based diet, or spending time in the great outdoors, the natural world offers a wide range of holistic benefits, which can improve our wellbeing and health.

Gemstone Bracelet GiveawayOne of my favourite holistic therapies is crystal healing – and I use and wear crystals every day.

In fact, I love crystals so much that I became a certified crystal healer, and opened my own crystal shop online. 👌🏻

I also make gemstone jewellery, which I put my all heart and soul into creating – and today, I’m giving away this ladies crystal bracelet (pictured) to one of my beautiful readers!

Ladies Crystal Bracelet Giveaway

This real gemstone bracelet is designed to bring balance to the mind, body and soul. It contains:

  • Amethyst: For physical healing, pain relief, emotional balance, detoxification, decision making and breaking addictions. It resonates with the third eye and crown chakras.
  • Sunstone: For physical healing, mental clarity, increased energy, confidence, positive thinking, creativity, personal protection and abundance. It resonates with the sacral and crown chakras.
  • Dalmatian Jasper: For physical healing, emotional balance, calmness, stress relief, physical protection and spiritual connection. It resonates with the root chakra.
  • A Hamsa Charm: The nickel-free hamsa charm found on this bracelet is an ancient symbol of protection. It is said to deflect against the evil eye and bring power, strength and blessings to its wearer.

Ladies Crystal Bracelet Giveaway

To be in with a chance of winning, please fill out the form below! The winner will be drawn on the 15th December 2017 – Good luck! 💜

Faeryflair Jewellery
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Crystal healing is a complementary therapy and should not replace the advice of medical professionals. If you have a health concern, please see your doctor. This post does not contain medical advice. This page contains links to my own Etsy store – if you choose to visit, thank you!

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So Free Organic Vegan Chocolate Review

Plamil Vegan Chocolate Review

I don’t eat chocolate very often, but when I do, it’s always a real treat – and whether it’s deliciously creamy white chocolate, indulgently smooth ‘milk’ chocolate, or mouth-wateringly rich dark chocolate, I’m a fan of it all – as long as it’s 100% vegan!
Vegan chocolate

As a vegan chocolate lover, you can imagine my excitement when the other day, I  came across an amazing giveaway on Twitter by Natural Lifestyle Magazine and Plamil Foods, to win a selection of So Free chocolate!

Of course, I leapt at the chance to enter – and to my surprise, I later found out that I’d won! 💜

Now, with this much chocolate on my hands, I figured it’d only be fair to taste the wares and let you know my thoughts! 😉

So that’s what I’m doing today – with the help of my lovely parents (who saw what I was doing and insisted on helping me with the task!)

My mum (Vegan Mama) is a huge chocolate-lover who has been vegan for many years, and my dad (Plant-Based Papa) eats a largely plant-based diet – but sometimes falls off the wagon!

Below, we’ve given each variety of chocolate a score, on a scale from 1-6; with 6 being the absolute best. We hope you enjoy reading our thoughts!


Plamil So Free Chocolate Review

So Free chocolate is made using certified organic ingredients which are completely vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free! It’s also produced ethically, using 100% renewable energy. 🌍

Plamil So Free Vegan Milk Chocolate Review

So Free Milk Chocolate Alternative 

This dairy-free alternative to milk chocolate melts in your mouth, and is super sweet and delicious! You wouldn’t know that it’s a free-from chocolate – and with it’s rich, yet light taste, I think it would appeal to most chocolate-lovers!

Me: This chocolate is sweet, smooth and yummy, so I’m rating it 5/6! It would have got 6 if it wasn’t for the fact that the Organica Couverture ‘milk’ chocolate is just a teeny bit better! 

Vegan Mama: I’m giving this chocolate 6/6! It’s delicious and very creamy! 

Plant-Based Papa: It’s definitely a 6/6 for me too – Although, I might need to try another few pieces, just to be 110% sure! 😉 

Plamil So Free Vegan White Chocolate Review

So Free White Chocolate Alternative

This vegan white chocolate is seriously sweet and creamy! It contains 48% cocoa, natural vanilla flavouring, and it’s sweetened with rice powder and raw cane sugar.

Me: I’m rating this one 5/6 as well, as it’s such a creamy and tasty white chocolate. I do feel that it could melt a little better than it does though – but I’m probably being a bit fussy!

Vegan Mama: 6/6! I can’t stop eating it, and out of all of the flavours, this is one of my favourites!

Plant-Based Papa: I rate this 5/6! I really like it, but the texture seems different to that of regular white chocolate. I also think that it tastes very similar to the ‘milk’ chocolate one – although Chrissy and Vegan Mama disagree!

So Free Perfectly Dark Chocolate Review

So Free Perfectly Dark Chocolate

This beautiful dark chocolate contains 72% cocoa and is rich, indulgent and delicious – with just the right amount of raw cane sugar to offset the bitterness.

Me: I love this one, and I’m rating it 5/6! For me, this chocolate has the perfect balance of sweetness and richness – it also melts in the mouth so perfectly! If you like your dark chocolate on the sweeter side, I think you’ll definitely be a fan!

Vegan Mama: I’m giving this one 3/6! I’m often not keen on dark chocolate, and this one is a little on the bitter side for me!

Plant-Based Papa: I’m rating this one 4/6! It’s very tasty, but I much prefer the dark chocolate variety below, which is sweetened with coconut blossom! 

Coconut Blossom Vegan Chocolate Review

So Free Dark Chocolate Sweetened with Coconut Blossom Sugar

This dark chocolate variety contains slightly less cocoa than the regular dark chocolate, and is sweetened with coconut blossom sugar, which gives it a unique, caramel-like flavour.

Me: I’m afraid this one didn’t really do it for me, so I’m rating it 3/6! I found the caramel taste of the coconut sugar too over-powering for my liking!

Vegan Mama: 5/6! I think this one’s absolutely lovely, and the coconut sugar really takes away from the bitterness and adds a good favour too! (I was expecting it to taste of coconut though, which it doesn’t!) 

Plant-Based Papa: I’m rating this 6/6! It really couldn’t be better – I love the unique flavour that the coconut sugar provides, although I was expecting it to taste of coconut as well! 

So Free Extra Dark Chocolate Review

So Free Extra Dark Chocolate

This extremely dark chocolate contains 87% cocoa, and is rich and mouth-wateringly bitter!

Me: 4/6! Dark chocolate used to be my thing, and the more bitter it was, the better! These days I prefer my chocolate to be a little sweeter, but this rich and bitter chocolate is still super delicious, and I’m sure my younger self would’ve rated it 6/6! 

Vegan Mama: I’m really sorry, but this one is far too bitter for me! 3/6!

Plant-Based Papa: I’m also rating this one 3/6, as it’s too bitter for me as well! 

So Free Vegan Mint Chocolate Review

So Free Intense Mint Dark Chocolate

When it says it’s intense it’s not lying – the mint flavour in this deliciously smooth dark chocolate really packs a punch! It’s as strong as an after-dinner mint cream, and it really makes your taste-buds come alive! This chocolate contains 60% cocoa and is flavoured with organic peppermint oil.

Me: This has to be 6/6!! This one really surprised me as I didn’t think I’d like it so much – but it’s actually one of my favourites! I would go so far as to say, that I’ve never tasted mint chocolate this good!!

Vegan Mama: I really love this one too, and I’m rating it 5/6! It’s got such a strong mint taste!

Plant-Based Papa: This one is really delicious! It’s a 6/6 from me!!

So Free Orange Chocolate Review

So Free Tropical Orange Dark Chocolate

This beautifully creamy dark chocolate is infused with organic orange oil, which gives it the most incredible flavour! With 60% cocoa, it’s rich and dark, yet not bitter at all!

Me: 6/6!! I love this one so much – In fact, I’d rate it more if I could! It tastes like a chocolate orange, but it’s completely vegan and gluten-free! Unlike many other orange-flavoured chocolates, it also doesn’t contain any sugar crystals – which I think is great, as I’ve cut my mouth on them before! This orange chocolate is dark, sweet, smooth and utterly, utterly divine! 

Vegan Mama: Yummy! This one is absolutely lovely and it’s my favourite one of them all! It’s got to be a 6/6!!

Plant-Based Papa: 6/6 again! Along with the mint one, this one is definitely my favourite! You wouldn’t know that these chocolates were vegan and over the years, free-from products like these, have definitely come a long way! 

I’m so grateful to Natural Lifestyle Magazine and Plamil Foods for picking me as their winner, and I hope that you’ve enjoyed our review of this incredible, cruelty-free chocolate!

Do you love chocolate too, and which flavours would you like to try the most? Let me know in the comments below!


*This post contains affiliate links. All thoughts are our own. A huge thanks to the parental unit, for helping me to write this review! 


8 Tips for Staying Safe When Running at Night

Tips to Stay Safe When Running at Night

With the days getting darker and the evenings pulling in, I’ve been thinking a lot more about my safety.

I often go running in the evenings, and both my visibility and my personal security, are issues that are never far from my mind.

Today, I’m sharing 8 tips to help you stay safer this winter – and whether you’re a runner or not, I hope that you’ll find them useful!

8 Tips for Staying Safe when Running at Night

Plan your Route

Let someone know where you’re going – Plan your route beforehand (avoiding hazardous and undesirable areas) and let a friend or family member know where you’ll be going, and when you plan to be back. Some running apps (such as Runkeeper) also allow your location be tracked in real-time – which may also be helpful for some!

Safety Running Tips

Try to run in groups – The saying ‘safety in numbers’ is especially true when you’re out and about at night, so if possible, try to avoid walking or running alone. There may be running clubs in your area, or even casual jogging groups – and it can be a great way to meet new friends too! If there are no clubs nearby, perhaps you could consider starting up one of your own?

Running Safety Tips

Choose a well-lit and populated route – If you can, try to stay away from country lanes, dark alleyways and areas where there aren’t many people around. Walking or running down the pavement of a well-lit and well-used road can be much safer, even if it’s a longer route!

Night running safety tips

Take your phone with you for emergencies – Having your phone with you can be extremely useful in emergencies, especially if you injure yourself during your run! (Something I know all about! Haha!) If you can, try to keep it concealed when you’re not using it though, as expensive smartphones can be a huge temptation to those who are looking to steal.

Personal Safety When Running

Carry a personal alarm – If the worst were to happen, this tip could save your life! Most personal alarms are very discreet and are small enough to pop in your pocket. You can even get ones that are designed especially for running, which fit around your arm. They can be used to frighten off your attacker and alert others nearby, to the fact that you need some help!

Be Seen at Night

Wear high-visibility clothing – I learnt early on, that having proper running gear really makes all the difference. Not only does it make running more comfortable, it also greatly improves your visibility to motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. Wearing light-coloured, fluorescent, and reflective clothing is especially important when running at night, and you can even get fancy lights to attach to your trainers too!

Stay Safe Running at Night

Look, listen and be aware – This one may sound obvious, but when we’re distracted, it’s easy to become blind to the dangers that are all around us. Whether it’s a pothole in the pavement, a car turning into the road that you’re about to cross, or a kid racing towards you on a bike – it’s always a good idea to keep an eye (and an ear) out for hazards. Stop and look properly before crossing the road, and use pedestrian crossings when possible.

Self Defence

Learn some self-defence techniques – This one may sound a bit extreme, but having a few self-defence moves under your belt can not only help you to feel (and therefore appear) more confident, it can also enable you to fend off an attacker. Practicing traditional martial arts is also a wonderful way to keep fit, practice discipline and engage the mind, body and soul.


*This post contains affiliate links. All thoughts are my own. 


Five Positive Affirmations to Kick-Start Your Day!

Positive Affirmations

I first discovered the power of positive affirmations during the darkest time of my life, when I was bed-ridden with chronic Lyme Disease. 

Back then, my outlook on life was bleak, and I never imagined that saying a few words (with a little love and intent) would help me as much as it did.

Thankfully, using positive affirmations (along with daily gratitude journaling) allowed me to see the world in a new light. It inspired me to make the most of a difficult situation, and become a better version of myself. 💙

I still say beautiful affirmations each morning, to set my intention for the day – and today I’d like to share a few of my favourites, that I hope will resonate with you too!


Morning Affirmations

Morning Affirmations

Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations



Weekly Review #1 : Vegan Chocolate and a Poorly Knee!

Weekly Review

Another week is coming to an end, and we’re almost in November!

For me, October has been a whirlwind of reconnecting with old friends, pushing myself with my running and getting my business prepared for Christmas!

Although I strive to live in the now, I love reflecting back on the joys and triumphs of the week – as well as the things that could have gone better (to hopefully learn from my mistakes!).

I always enjoy reading other blogger’s weekly round-ups, so I thought today I’d share my own!

Things that made me smile this week

Plamil Vegan Chocolate

Coming home after a really bad day to find a HUGE box of Plamil vegan chocolate waiting for me! I won the choccy bars with Natural Lifestyle Magazine, and I’ll be reviewing them really soon!

Growing Chilli Plants from Seed

Seeing my new chilli plants sprouting! When I was away this summer, my beloved chilli plants died. Thankfully though, I’ve planted new seeds and I’m excited to see them grow! (I’m growing Scotch Bonnets, Ghost Chillies and Cayennes too – so a chilli-fest soon awaits!)

Apple and Cherry Crumble

Feasting on delicious autumn food! This week I’ve been making lots of hearty dishes such as berry crumbles, stuffed squash and pumpkin curry too! Yum yum!

Faery Sign

This adorable little sign that my Mum gave me! Faery is my real surname and I’m definitely a fairy at heart, so this was just the cutest and most perfect gift, which really brightened my day!


Things that could’ve gone better

My Sexy Taped-Up Knee!

I’ve done myself a mischief, and injured my knee whilst running! Right now I can hardly walk, and I think I may have torn a ligament! Oops! On the bright side, I’ve earned myself a shiny new Halloween-themed medal, and I can’t wait until it arrives!!


My productivity hasn’t been so great! My knee pain has been keeping me up at night and my kitties always wake me up early, so I’ve not been getting the best sleep this week and my to-do list has really been suffering! Because of this, I’ve been trying to rest and heal and practice some extra self-care!

How has your week been? I hope it’s been great, and you have a magical week (and month) ahead!



Virtual Running: My New Fitness Obsession!

Chrissy Faery

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m totally addicted to running!

As a kid, I used to struggle a lot with athletics.  I always dreaded P.E lessons at school, and the compulsory cross-country run would leave me coughing up blood and gunk for days. 😝

Back then, I could never understand how anyone could enjoy doing something so seemingly torturous!

Later, in my early 20’s, I caught Lyme Disease and became bed-ridden for many years. (There was definitely no running for me then!!)

One thing that my illness taught me, however, is the importance of setting goals (and having the patience and self-love to see them though, without reaching breaking point!)

In the beginning, my goals were small (such as walking just a few yards) but as I began to heal I found that I was able to set myself bigger and bigger challenges.

Thankfully (due to the Buhner Protocol) I’m now in remission, and this year I was able to complete my big dream and challenge, of backpacking solo across Europe. 

It was an incredible journey (spiritually, mentally and physically) and – thanks to the amazing running scene in Budapest, and some inspirational women that I met along the way – I discovered my passion and love for running!

I did my very first run on the 25th July 2017, and to my amazement my body supported me all the way! It was an amazing feeling, and I was hooked almost instantly!

It wasn’t long afterwards, that I stumbled upon virtual running!

Now, it’s not what you might be thinking – Virtual running isn’t completely virtual, you do still have to run! 😂

I’ll explain…

Virtual Running in Four Easy Steps

  1. You enter a virtual race with a virtual running company – You usully pay to enter and the cost covers your medal, as well as a charitable donation. (I’ve listed some UK-based virtual running companies below!)
  2. You then run the required distance for your race; whenever and wherever you choose (although most virtual races have a date that you need to complete it by!)
  3. Next, you submit evidence for your run (via a screenshot of your running app or tracker) in order to be sent your medal.
  4. Your shiny new medallion arrives. You do a happy dance, take goofy photos and party!! (As does the charity that you’ve helped to support! Woohoo!)

Chrissy Faery

Virtual running is a fantastic way to keep fit, reach your goals and help to raise money for a good cause!

I never thought I’d fall in love with running, but it’s quickly become a passion of mine, and when I see my medals hanging up on the wall, I’m reminded of how far I’ve come!

They’re also a great reminder to live passionately in the now, and keep setting goals – because you never know what’s around the corner!

I’ll leave you with a list of some UK-based virtual running companies, and if you decide to sign up for a race, let me know, and I’ll be over here cheering you on! 🙌🏻

Virtual Racing UK

Virtual Runner UK

POW! Virtual Running 

Women’s Running Virtual Races

UK Virtual Race

Virtual Warrior

Medal Miles

Zoom Virtual Races

My Race Virtual Racing

Challenge Done