Weekly Review

Another week is coming to an end, and we’re almost in November!

For me, October has been a whirlwind of reconnecting with old friends, pushing myself with my running and getting my business prepared for Christmas!

Although I strive to live in the now, I love reflecting back on the joys and triumphs of the week – as well as the things that could have gone better (to hopefully learn from my mistakes!).

I always enjoy reading other blogger’s weekly round-ups, so I thought today I’d share my own!

Things that made me smile this week

Plamil Vegan Chocolate

Coming home after a really bad day to find a HUGE box of Plamil vegan chocolate waiting for me! I won the choccy bars with Natural Lifestyle Magazine, and I’ll be reviewing them really soon!

Growing Chilli Plants from Seed

Seeing my new chilli plants sprouting! When I was away this summer, my beloved chilli plants died. Thankfully though, I’ve planted new seeds and I’m excited to see them grow! (I’m growing Scotch Bonnets, Ghost Chillies and Cayennes too – so a chilli-fest soon awaits!)

Apple and Cherry Crumble

Feasting on delicious autumn food! This week I’ve been making lots of hearty dishes such as berry crumbles, stuffed squash and pumpkin curry too! Yum yum!

Faery Sign

This adorable little sign that my Mum gave me! Faery is my real surname and I’m definitely a fairy at heart, so this was just the cutest and most perfect gift, which really brightened my day!


Things that could’ve gone better

My Sexy Taped-Up Knee!

I’ve done myself a mischief, and injured my knee whilst running! Right now I can hardly walk, and I think I may have torn a ligament! Oops! On the bright side, I’ve earned myself a shiny new Halloween-themed medal, and I can’t wait until it arrives!!


My productivity hasn’t been so great! My knee pain has been keeping me up at night and my kitties always wake me up early, so I’ve not been getting the best sleep this week and my to-do list has really been suffering! Because of this, I’ve been trying to rest and heal and practice some extra self-care!

How has your week been? I hope it’s been great, and you have a magical week (and month) ahead!